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This is a supplement for Slayers by GilaRPGs. You will need a copy of that game to use these hunts the way they were intended. I am not affiliated with GilaRPGs.

Harrowing Hunts (Vol 1) is a collection of 6 hunts for use with Slayers. 

The Show Must Go On is the shortest hunt in the set, and also one of the most straightforward. A mysterious theater appeared in town, and the patrons aren't returning after they see the show. Find out why.

Trouble on the High Seas is a swashbuckling tale of piracy and ship-based combat. It's got all the tropes you'd expect for a mission about monster hunters setting out to sea. Harpoons, missing ships, and pirate boarders that lay gangplanks and come out, scimitars swinging!

The Clockwork Dilemma is the longest game in the set at 7 pages. It's a steampunk twist on the City: someone stole the gem out of the Clocktower, causing all sense of time to fall apart. Can the Slayers find out who stole it and restore the gem that powers the city? And by the time they do, will they even want to?

An Apple a Day is another short adventure that pits the Slayers against the classic enemy, the Doctor. Can they capture one? And can an enterprising scientist perform her experiments before the other Doctors track her down and extract their revenge?

Haunted Honeymoon is a classic tale of what happens after a wedding. Assuming that what happens after a wedding is something straight out of Halloween! Your standard ghosts and goblins come out of the woodwork here!

Meet the Hunters forces the Slayers to experience the other side of the equation: what happens when they're the ones being hunted? And what will they do about it?

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorAlex Rinehart
Tagsdrama, haunted, Horror, Pirates, Steampunk, theater


Get this Slayers Supplement and 7 more for $20.00 USD
View bundle
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This is a brilliant collection of Hunts! I had the best time running The Show Must Go On as my first Hunt recently. I set it in Canvas from the Slayers Almanac and had a Pulse-Taker who was Lucky from Waiting for Godot, ran the Harlequins as Juggalos and the Puppeteer as the Ringmaster with ICP, Twiztid, ABK and Blaze Ya Dead Homie puppets (because I am both pretentious and cringe). We had a wonderful time and will absolutely be playing more of your wonderful Hunts in the future! Thank you!


Thank you for the kind review! I'm so glad these hunts enhanced your gameplay experience!