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Alex, What the hell is this?

Well it's not a game, it says that on the tin.

What it is depends on how cynical you are. I'd call it art, but not because I made it. Simply because my definition of art is so broad as to not exclude anything. I talk about that in there, I think.

I talk a little about how the present is not a gift, and about how I listen to audiobooks on my commute for fear of wasting even a single second of my day.

If you're cynical, you might call it a pseudo-intellectual, navel-gazey collection of ramblings that strives to be poignant. You may not even be wrong.

If you're generous, you might call it a reflection. A collection of thoughts. Thoughts about making things. Mostly games.

If you're feeling especially charitable, you might say that the thoughts fit together, that they try to make a point.

And, if you yourself were feeling poetic, you might say it has aspirations of poetry. That wasn't my intent when I started, and it seems more than a little pretentious to admit that that's how it ended up in places.

Really, this is just a bit of insight into the thoughts I have around creating. I've said them all before, on twitter and in meatspace. Other people probably have too. There's probably nothing profound in here, and I won't pretend it'll make you a better games designer. Hell, I won't pretend I'm qualified enough to write something that COULD.

Really what I'll say is this: this is my soup. It's the thoughts that spin around my head when I'm making things, or thinking about making things. I wanted to share them, and to practice layout. So I did.

I hope you get something out of it.

And if you didn't,


The only cost was time.

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AuthorAlex Rinehart
Tagsartgame, essay, poetry, pretentious


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