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This work is based on the NOVA RPG (found at gilarpgs.com), product of Gila RPGs, developed and authored by Spencer Campbell. It is not endorsed by nor affiliated with Gila RPGs.

What is this?

CROW is a supplement for NOVA that adds new Corruption mechanics for each of the Sparks in the base game. 

Each Spark is given a new resource (corruption) that triggers based on different conditions for each Spark.  Each Spark also has ways of removing (“Expending”) that corruption, usually in a powerful burst of Awesome.

As the name implies, corruption isn’t always a good thing: what may seem like an easy choice now may have consequences for you or your teammates later. Choose carefully, Sparks.

Additionally, each Spark details the Manifestation of that corruption: after all, the power isn’t free. Each corruption you take twists your Spark in some way, making them more closely resemble the alien presence that tempts them with this power in the first place…

Why did you make this?

NOVA is a power fantasy, so this allows another source of expressing that power. Because the corruption is optional, the chance of analysis paralysis is minimized: the goal is to keep the game flowing as smoothly and quickly as possible.

But for advanced players who want a little more of a tactical choice, they can dip into Powers Better Left Untouched for some extra spice and variety.

This supplement adds new, unique mechanics and flavor to each of the nine Sparks.

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