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Shoppers is a slice-of-life roleplaying game that takes place in a mall. You need dice, pens, and friends. Shoppers is best experienced in-person.

You are SHOPPERS, spending your day (and maybe your paycheck) at the local Shopping Mall. Work together to solve puzzles, outbid your friends, guess the price of sales, or just roll dice as quickly as you can in the frenzied Spree.

The Mall. What a unique place. Ever-changing, as stores close and re-open each day, sometimes vanishing without a trace.

Each day you will gain and lose turf as you complete three sales throughout the Mall. These sales might be the fast-paced Spree, the calculated Blitz, or the game-show spectacle of Bins.

Depending on what you're looking it, Shoppers is a mashup of Yahtzee, Candy Crush, and the Price is Right, spread through a bunch of mini games as you fight for control of the Mall. 

And every night ends the same way: reminiscing about your day in the food court before catching a movie at the cinema. Dodge mall cops, break out of jail, buy expensive goods, enjoy your friends, watch the strangers, win a sale, play a game, make a wish at the fountain, learn new skills, and then go home and do it all again tomorrow.


Get this slice of life game and 9 more for $21.00 USD
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