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This work is based on the Slayers RPG (found at gilarpgs.com), product of Gila RPGs, developed and authored by Spencer Campbell, and licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

Slayers of Suburbia introduces 3 new Classes, a new District, and 2 new Hunts for use with Slayers. A copy of that game is required to use these. 

The Classes are the Urbanite, the Prepper, and the Gunfucius. The District is Suburbia. the Hunts are Cretaceous Skatepark, a mission about a mad scientist who wants to turn himself into a dinosaur, and Bring Down The House, an adventure that allows you to fight subcontractors with a crane and bulldozer. To be clear, you have the bulldozer, not them.

Suburbia is a surprisingly modern district of The City that disappears every night and reappears every morning. Unlike most districts, its location is consistent and predictable: it's always exactly 45 minutes from The City's center.

Landmarks include:

  • The 5 and Die, a thrift shop full of second-hand slaying materials.
  • The Slayer Boi skate park, a favored haunt by the Smiley Gang.
  • The mall, a shopping center filled with vampires, teenagers, and other unsavory sorts.

The new classes:

  • The Doomsday Prepper, a close-combat survivalist who turns enemies into canned mincemeat with their shotgun.
  • The Gunfucius, who combines kung fu and handguns into a deadly frenzy of dice pool management.
  • The Urbanite, a sort of construction worker slash druid capable of unleashing devastating damage with their I-Beams while constructing new features on the battlefield to help allies and hinder foes.

For each of the classes, a new Tactician Expert Advance has been added as well.

Mechanically, the classes look like this:

The Doomsday Prepper rolls 2d6 and deals damage to every creature – Slayer and Monster alike – they're Engaged with. When those dice rolls match, they fill up a can of Mincemeat that they can use to heal and stay in the fight.

The Gunfucius rolls a pool of dice. At the start of the game, that pool has 4 Gun dice of one color. For each hit, they deal damage to a Near monster. For each Miss, the die gets downgraded to a Fist die. Fist dice deal less damage to Engaged monsters, or get removed from the pool entirely on a Miss. As a Quick Action, they can upgrade dice from Fist to Gun, or re-add dice that have left the pool.

The Urbanite can wallop a single creature at Engaged range, or hit them for less damage, and Babe Ruth them out to Near range. As a Quick Action, they can erect Construction Projects that boost the effectiveness of allies or Move monsters to ideal locations.

The Cretaceous Skatepark is a 7-page, 3-act hunt that starts out with the Slayers tracking down a runaway teenager, and ends with them battling a mad scientist who's been turning people into dinosaurs. What more can I say?

Bring Down the House is a 4-page, 3-act hunt that has Slayers investigating the exodus of refugees out of Suburbia. Investigation reveals that an ambitious construction worker is destroying houses to build something, but no one knows why... Still, she must be stopped.

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AuthorAlex Rinehart
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I'm such a big fan of your Slayers supplements, particularly the Hunts! 

I ran Bringing Down the House in my game of Goon City: Troika! and we had an awesome time! I love how well Slayers with a little extra weird spice works so well. The teenagers were giant bats who our Hog Necromancer convinced to spray big Xs on the walls for demolition, before climbing a wild filing cabinet monolith over the bodies of many dead Bothans to reach the plans...and then Tobbothaned back down. We ended headed out of City Hall with everyone eager for more!

Haha, sounds like a grand time! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the comment!

Slayers of Suburbia is absolutely delightful! Cretaceous Skatepark is hilarious and I laughed multiple times while reading. Definitely want to play/run that one sometime.