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This work is based on the Slayers RPG (found at gilarpgs.com), product of Gila RPGs, developed and authored by Spencer Campbell, and licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

On The Job Adds 5 new classes to Slayes! These classes represent different occupations one might find around the City.

The Chef uses a combination of recipes and preparation techniques to apply conditions to a single target. They can oil, bread, and flambe an enemy to lock them down and devastate them.

The Paralegal is a support class similar to the Tactician, except they grant monsters disadvantage on attacks by yelling OBJECTION! at key moments.

The Codeslinger hacks the source code of reality itself, applying a number of effects to various targets. Playing with speed, time, and even damage itself. But be careful—they're got a terrible byte!

The Inkwell covers friends and foes alike with a layer of ink. Anyone splashed suffers terrible effects as they spell out words in the corrosive pigment. 

The Gambler can chain together devastating combos, unleashing massive amounts of damage...as long as the dice are playing nice.

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AuthorAlex Rinehart
TagsArt Book, corporate, Funny, inkwell, literature, monte-cristo


Get this Slayers Supplement and 7 more for $20.00 USD
View bundle
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we used the inkwell class in our slayers game!


Awesome! That's a popular one, how did you like it?

Haven't gotten to any combat with it yet as this was just a prologue session. but from a glance I think it's one of my favorite of yours, it creates a fun dynamic in combat, with lots of versatility. but personally I find the amount of self inflicted damage is a little overly punishing. I'll be sure to ask my player what he thinks next session


That's valid! Keep me updated 😊


They thought it was really cool. they hoped that the "ink as your blood" thing was literal. their only issue was that you very often have to focus fire enemies, instead of changing it up.