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This work is based on the Slayers RPG (found at gilarpgs.com), product of Gila RPGs, developed and authored by Spencer Campbell, and licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

The Inquisition Event adds 2 new Hunts, 2 new Classes, a new district, and more than 5 new monsters for use with Slayers. A copy of that game is required to use these. 

Years ago, Inquisitors roamed the streets. They fought Slayers for jurisdiction, claiming rights to hunt wyches, demons, and psykers. For years, this is how things were. And then the Psykers fought back. Now they run Psykerhold, a memorial to the insurmountable force they defeated.

Once, Psykerhold was the Inquisitors’ Headquarters. A squat brick building where many Psykers entered… and few left. Rumors of hostile interrogations, gruesome tortures, “Corrective Conversion”, and much more were the only things that escaped the graybrick fortress.

And then one day the Psykers rebelled. They rose up through the streets, harnessing their mental powers to strike the first blow back at their oppressors. In a single day, the Inquisitors fell. And now the Psykers reign over this one piece of The City they’ve carved out for themselves with bloody fists. But the Inquisitors did serve a purpose. They kept certain dark forces at bay. Dark forces that smell weakness and are hungrily lapping at the cracks in the defenses…

The new classes are the Psyker and the Inquisitor. The Hunts are Darkness Abounds, a mission about what happens when the defenders of the dark are usurped, and The People's Favor, which has the Slayers acting as mediators in a long conflict between civilians and their new conquerors.

The new classes:

  • The Psyker , a volatile short-range freak capable to turning enemies against each other...or of losing control and harming fellow Slayers.
  • The Inquisitor, a versatile off-tank who bunds enemies, drawing their attacks, and spends Endowment to inflict a variety of effects: damage, healing, binding, and much more.

For each of the classes, a new Tactician Expert Advance has been added as well.

The new Hunts:

Darkness Abounds is a straightforward, 3-page hunt about what happens after the Psykers took over the Inquisitors' Headquarters. Namely, the rituals that keep the dark forces at bay are no longer being performed. And the only Inquisitor left who knows how to perform those rituals is being hunted by the Psykers for years of persecution. It's up to the Slayers to break into a fortress, prepare some rituals, or fight back the darkness themselves!

The People's Favor is a 4-page experimental hunt that takes place over a series of vignettes. Each scene has the Slayers witnessing conflict between the Psykers and the citizens they're now in charge of managing. Tensions are high, and the Slayers have no choice but to take sides as attacks, and riots break out, leading to a court case. Governing is hard work, and only the Slayers can keep the peace!


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